As my first week of official Boston Marathon training comes to an end, there is much to reflect on.

From a headspace point of view;

  1. My interval sessions felt like they should, and run group team mates commented that the “old Lesley” was back.
  2. My weekend runs were shared with amazing, beautiful souls that enrich my life, both physically and emotionally.

There was a time when I could not have imagined how running would change my life and it’s weeks like this that make me feel particularly blessed. Today’s Christmas Run and Catch up was definitely a highlight. Most of us seem a little tired after a year of smashing goals, myself included. But the Boston dream has lit the fire and by training smart it’s going to be AWESOME!

From a stats point of view, I managed 1 yoga class, 5 runs, for a total of 33kms.

Note to self! I really need to do more yoga classes and strength sessions in each week.