Marathon Training has been going great, then BAM! … the last few days have been interesting.

And when I say BAM, I mean I literally hit the road. It was dark, and even though I was wearing my headlamp, I tripped and fell on the road the other morning. Boy did it hurt! A lot!
I grazed both hands and one knee. Needless to say the session was abandoned and after realising the injuries needed a professional eye, off to the doctor I went. Turn out the grazes were quite superficial, but large. I would be fine but it would hurt like hell for a while. So with new dressings on, the day progressed.

Through the pain, I channeled these thoughts towards being fearless and what it means on a day to day level.

To start with, being Fearless does not mean being without fear. It also doesn’t mean that feeling fear is wrong.

Being fearless is feeling that fear, and moving forward anyway.

So using my fall as an example, IE keeping up my training after a fall; it was all about when it felt right to run again. For me the couple of days afterwards, aside from my grazes my body felt achy so I rested. I then did my long run at a shorter distance and slower pace target than planned. Today I went back to regular training but the nervousness is still there. I am so worried about falling again. After all I’m still in pain and my wounds are still healing. But there is no reason not to run. My head and heart tell me, you fall down, you get back up, and you keep running. I’m training for a marathon. It’s a no brainer!

With other parts of life it doesn’t always feel like a no brainer. As a chronic over analyser, it is a classic case of easier said than done.

My takeout now is to ask myself, “what would running Lesley do?”….. you see my running self feels much more Fearless, but the little girl inside still feels a little scared sometimes. That’s OK, she now has a big sister that runs.